Solo Show in Milan: 12.06.-27.06.2024

Die Serie CHANDELIERS wird in Mailand gezeigt.

Zwölf meiner Bilder aus der Serie der Kronleuchter werden vom 12. bis zum 27. Juni in den Räumen von My Micro Gallery präsentiert. Kuratorin Stefania Carrozzini, die ich in New York persönlich kennenlernen durfte, engagiert sich in ihrer Galerie mit zahlreichen Solo Ausstellungen für aufstrebenden KünstlerInnen. 






Living Shapes
Curated by Stefania Carrozzini
Opening: Wednesday June 12  2024
6-8 PM
June 12- June 27, 2024


Via Giovanni Boccaccio 24, 20123 Milano    


MyMicroGallery is pleased to present from 12 June to 27 June 2024, “Living Shapes”, the first solo show in Italy by German artist Sabine Hemming. On display are twelve oil on canvas works in which the main subject is the Chandelier.

Sabine Hemming's work therefore starts from an object that emits light. It is a suspended, immobile body, but capable of generating lights and shadows, color and transparencies. In the pictorial space the artist is free to experiment with creative energies in movement and to express intimate connections, changes, vibrations, communicating geographies of the soul. The chandelier is the most suitable object for the artist because it allows her to connect to natural forms in a translated way and to immerse herself in the charm of environmental re-enactments. A chandelier is also a design object. Light and space converge and its shapes often evoke natural and vegetal elements. Following these traces, Hemming's painting develops a transmutation that makes the object impalpable, making it resonate with space, making use of pulsating monochromes that change at every angle. We are in the light that is reflected by the crystals in the surrounding environment and returns to us with the language of painting. It is a luminous body which, as in life, is actively shaped by movement and change. And life exists only in such dynamism.

The Chandelier is a good symbol of change over time. It is a cult object that can represent value, luxury, pomp. But it is still the more or less opulent evolution of a lamp which on a symbolic level refers to the dawn of knowledge and wonder, to the light of creation, to the archetype of the traveler holding the lantern in search of the way, of the truth. To the lantern of Diogenes that the ancient philosopher carried with him to look for an honest man, but above all to look for the essence of man. The Chandelier, from which Sabine Hemming starts and then reaches the threshold of abstraction, is an object symbol of the unification of times, present, past and future which allows her to perceive within the space, floating forms connected to each other, which man hand they lose their real connotations to fall apart into countless brushstrokes and splashes of light. It is a poetic symphony capable of moving between things according to an alchemical dimension, capable of reactivating the artistic space and the creative process in a sensitive and absolutely personal way. Attracted by the transformative process of painting, Sabine Hemming uses the pictorial figurative element with the desire to expand and make invisible energies manifest, anchoring herself to a structure, in this case the chandelier, which is only apparently in a state of inertia, but which in reality seduces for aesthetics and function, which for the sensitivity of the artist becomes a symbol of the condition of being, so that its fluctuation, from one dimension to another, from darkness to light, can reveal its truth and its World vision.



Sabine Hemming, born in Munich in 1974, graduated from high school in Stuttgart, trained as a ceramicist at the Iljinski Ceramic Studio and the Stuttgart-Feuerbach Color and Design School, graduated in 1995. She studied at the Stuttgart Free Art School with the lecturers Neisser, Heger and Kilian, and she studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart with professors Baumgartel and Güdemann, graduated in 2001. Teaching at the Waldorf School in Stuttgart. Since 2001, she has been working as a freelance artist in her own studio. Permanently living on Lake Constance since 2009, with a studio in Neuwerk Konstanz since 2013. Numerous group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad as well as participation in artist and trade fairs such as in Stuttgart, Konstanz, Basel, artists' fair in Schwetzingen Castle and in Hamburg, in Dubai UEA at the Expo, in Stuttgart at the Retro Classic, in Friedrichshafen at the Klassikwelt Bodensee, at the ART Zurich and at the Expo Milano. She is represented by Galerie Schill in Stuttgart, projects with Galerie Lachenmann ART Konstanz and Galerie Passepartout in Milan.